The Macalla Suite is an orchestral suite of music, composed by Michael Rooney, reflecting Ireland's history from the 1840s to modern day Ireland.


This husband and wife duo, also known as ‘Draíocht’, are veterans of the traditional Irish music scene and have substantial musical credentials. They have already achieved great things individually, including major awards and two acclaimed recordings.

They have toured extensively as Draíocht, having performed throughout the States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Together as Draíocht, Michael Rooney and June McCormack have recorded two CDs:  ‘Draíocht’ and ‘Land’s End’.

June Mc Cormack comes from Ballintogher, Co Sligo and was recipient of the TG4 Young Traditional Musician of the Year Award in 1998 and has  published two Irish flute tutorials in recent years. 'Fliuit' and 'Fliuit 2'.

Michael Rooney is a prolific composer and is widely regarded as one of the foremost players of the traditional Irish harp. Originally from Scotstown, Co. Monaghan and now resident in Sligo, Michael has composed nine suites of music in the past 15 years, including The Macalla Suite for Easter 2016, ‘The Reconciliation Suite’ for Prince Charles’ Visit to Sligo (2015), ‘Boróimhe’ (2014), ‘The De Cuellar Suite’ (2011).

"Exquisite taste, exemplary tempo, sensitivity within sinew, and soulful originality, Land’s End represents an irresistible calling card for Michael Rooney and June McCormack as the best traditional harp-flute duo in Ireland today."

- The Irish Echo New York