The Macalla Suite - Book & Instructional CD

Book of the orchestral score & instructional CD recording of The Macalla Suite on harp & strings.

Composed by Michael Rooney for the 1916 Centenary. The Macalla Suite book includes the orchestral score for the suite and a CD recording of the suite on harp & strings.

The De Cuellar Suite (Book & CD)

In May of 2012, ‘The de Cuéllar Suite’ was launched in book and CD format. The accompanying CD is a live recording of the suite premiere, featuring over 65 musicians and a full hour of music.

The de Cuéllar Suite is based on the story of Captain Francisco de Cuéllar, one of the few survivors from the Spanish Armada ships, which foundered off Streedagh Strand, Sligo in 1588. After many extraordinary escapades, he wrote to King Philip the second of Spain while in the Spanish Netherlands on his way home. The music portrays the Armada’s engagement with the English fleet, their defeat and subsequent desperate struggle to return to Spain by sailing North around the Scottish and Irish coasts, where many of the ships were wrecked in an exceptionally stormy Autumn. The compositions depict De Cúellar’s adventures and struggle to survive as he made his way from Streedagh through North Sligo and Leitrim. 


Fliuit 2 is for intermediate and advanced flute players and is a follow-on to 'Fliúit', published in 2006. It is a tutorial to develop repertoire, ornamentation and breathing. Two CDs are included with 78 tracks. Each tune is played at a slow pace and then at a faster pace. Thirteen exercises are recorded to practice each type of ornament.

Fliúit 2 includes 65 arranged tunes, with breathing & ornamentation suggestions for each tune. There are over thirty reels and seventeen jigs in this collection to enable players to develop repertoire. A small number of the tunes require the use of the F natural and B flat keys, which offer a challenge to advanced players.

Fliúit (with 2 accompanying CDs)

A comprehensive Irish Traditional Flute Tutor with 2 Companion CDs (76 tracks in total)

  • Detailed Ornamentation Exercises from Beginner to Advanced Stages
  • Ornaments covered include Cuts, Long Rolls, Short Rolls, Elongated Cuts, Bounces, D crans, Short cran on high D and DED Cuts
  • 64 tunes complete with breathing and ornamentation guides

Aifreann Gaeilge

Aifreann Gaeilge was composed for the Corofin Traditional Festival 2006. It is a two-part mass, with ten liturgical hymns in Irish and nine instrumental pieces, all of which are fully orchestrated and arranged. It was performed at the Corofin Traditional Festival in 2006 and was broadcast live on Raidio na Gaeltachta from Corofin.

Harp Tunes - Volume 1

23 compositions from Michael Rooney, including 7 tunes recorded by Draíocht: Land's End Slip Jig, Mairéad Gheal, Boithrín Doire, Aghaidh Jhanuis, Gort na Móna, Tír Rafartaigh, Na Maithe Móra.

  • Melody and left hand accompaniment for each piece

  • Separate accompaniment arrangements

  • Detailed Ornamentation and Variations included