The Macalla Suite is an orchestral suite of music, composed by Michael Rooney, TG4 Composer of the Year 2017,  that commemorates the Easter Rising of 1916 and reflects the story of Ireland’s history from 1840s to the modern day. It is performed by a 60 piece orchestra which includes some of Ireland’s finest classical and traditional musicians.

This recording of The Macalla Suite is a live performance by The Macalla Orchestra in Monaghan, October 2016. This CD has just been released.

"The Macalla Suite has managed to wonderfully condense almost 150 years of Irish history into beautiful and emotive melodies and orchestrations that are unashamedly Irish". (Luke Vogel, London)



Michael and June released their second album 'Land's End' in 2006. The CD includes several of Michael's compositions, including 'Boithrín Doire', two newly composed slip jigs 'Land's End' and 'Mairead Gheal' and others.

"Everything about "Land's End" radiates exquisite taste, exemplary tempo, sensitivity within sinew, and soulful originality" (Earle Hitchner, Irish Echo)


Michael and June released their debut recording 'Draíocht'
(Dree-ucht) in the Spring of 2004. The music on the album is mainly played on harp and flute. There are twelve tracks on this CD.